It’s Alive (2008) – Film

“It’s Alive”. #1 of this years 31 days of horror challenge. (These reviews will be more raw due to the nature of the challenge.) For more information follow this link. Lenore is a college student with full scholarship who gets pregnant.  Toward the end of her pregnancy, she moves in with her boyfriend, Frank,  Going …

The Hills Run Red (2009) – Film

“The Hills Run Red” Click here for more information. Tyler, a young horror fan, becomes obsessed with a lost film called “The Hills Run Red” that disappeared 20 years ago.   His search leads him to a strip club where he finds the filmmaker’s daughter, Alexa.  She takes Tyler, his girlfriend, Serina, and friend, Lalo,  to …

From Beyond (1986) – Film

“From Beyond” Follow this link for more information. Dr. Edward Pretorius has built a resonator machine, with the assistance of Dr. Crawford Tillinghast, to enhance the 6th sense through the pineal gland and see into another dimension.  When something goes horribly wrong during the experiment,  Pretorius dies and Tillinghast is hospitalized.  Dr. Katherine McMichaels, in …

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008) – Film

“Feast II: Sloppy Seconds” Follow this link for more information. Picking up shortly after Feast left off, Biker Queen comes to the bar in the middle of no where and finds her sister, Harley Mom’s remains.  She also finds that the Bartender has survived and takes him hostage to try to track down Bozo to …

Feast (2005) – Film

“Feast” For more information, follow this link. Patrons of a bar in the middle of nowhere suddenly have to fight for their survival as the bar is attacked by monstrous creatures intent on eating and procreating. 

Earth vs. the Spider (2001) – TV Movie

“Earth vs. the Spider” Follow this link for more information. Quentin Kemmer is a shy, comic book geek and security guard.  After his partner dies during a break in at work, Quentin injects himself with some experimental serum that is being designed to give humans the abilities of spiders.  As he begins manifesting some “powers,” …

Eternal (2004) – Film

“Eternal” For more information follow this link. Detective Raymond Pope discovers his wife is missing.  As he learns where she went and tries to discover what happened, he meets the mysterious and seductive Elizabeth Kane.  Pope soon finds himself drawn into something deeply sinister and his own questionable morals being used against him.

Evil Dead (2013) – Film

“Evil Dead” Follow this link for more information. This is the story of Mia, who is a drug addict looking to kick the habit, so her two friends, her brother, David, and his girlfriend all meet at her family’s cabin to help her through detox.  They discover the cabin has been broken into and find …

Deadly Species (2002) – Film

“Deadly Species” Follow this link for more information. After being denied funding from the university, Professor Brinson Thomas receives a call from wealthy, self proclaimed cryptozoologist, Wilson Friels.  Friels has decided to fund an expedition into the Florida Everglades  to find a lost tribe of Native Americans.

Dagon (2001) – Film

“Dagon” For more information follow this link. After a boating accident off the coast of Spain, Paul and Barbara go ashore to the decrepit village of Imboca for help.  It doesn’t take them long to realize that there is something very strange and dangerous about the  inhabitants of Imboca.