Fodder (2013) – Short Film


A short film featured at the 2014 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information follow this link.  Follow the movie on Facebook.  Some set photography is available here.

A girl, who has been captured, is taken to a room in a mysterious bunker where she discovers a group of people performing experiments on the undead.  

This Canadian short felt as if it were a tease for a larger project, or perhaps a showcase of well done effects.  Either way, it was an entertaining short that left the audience wanting more.  The cast was enthusiastic.  The mad scientist, Dr. Miguel, was dead on in many ways (dialogue, tone, mannerisms), yet somewhat off.  The girl, Gloria, was very energetic, one might even say “bad ass”.

If this is a precursor to a larger project, I would be very interested in seeing it.   Otherwise, if you get the opportunity, enjoy the brief look at an obviously well developed post-apocalyptic world.

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