World War Z (2013) – Film

“World War Z”

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Gerry Lane, ex UN investigator, is recruited back on the job after a mysterious, potentially viral outbreak begins to decimate humanity.  He must travel the world to discover a way to stop the zombie plague and save human civilization.

This was both more and less than I expected.  The fact that it’s PG-13 means less zombie gore, horrors are more implied than displayed.  Actually, this came across as more “disaster-apocalypse flick” than “zombie-apocalypse flick.”

The CGI was wonderful.  The story fit in nicely with the source material, the amazing novel “World War Z: An Oral History.”  Though not directly using the stories from the book, rather referencing events from it and in the spirit of the novel, telling one man’s tale as if it were a piece of the whole.

I gave this 3 cans of soda because it is a good flick.  It’s not necessarily for the zombie purists out there who love their zombies to shamble, be bloody, messy and unaffected by grenades (zombies don’t slow down for a missing limb or feel fear, they’re dead), but like certain zombie TV shows, it draws a wider audience to the zombie genre.

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