Service (2014) – Short Film


A short film featured at the 2014 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

For more information follow this link.

A woman, who performs a specialized cleaning service for a wealthy disabled man, has to take her daughter to work one day.   When she starts cleaning, she discovers something is very wrong and finds her daughter and herself drawn into the problems of a murderous employee.

This was an entertaining short film.  It sets the audience up for a sexy, cheap thrill, then escalates into a violent thriller.  I’m not sure if it was the intention of the filmmakers, but this short really showcased the fact that people make stupid decisions in the heat of fear and panic.  From beginning, right through the end credits, the main character stays consistent.

It is available on Vimeo.  If you have 10 minutes and enjoy indie thrillers, give it a watch.


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