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Movie #4: 31-Days of Horror 2017

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As  a string of animal attack like murders have been happening in L.A., Emily leases a room in her home to an  stranger, Nestor, who turns out to be some sort of werewolf or vampire, and infects Emily.  When Emily’s adult son finds out he realizes it is they who have been responsible for the deaths and tries to prevent them from killing any more.  

There are parts of this that I really enjoyed.  And parts that were annoying.  For the most part, this was a compelling story about family and relationships.  Perhaps, though I may be reaching here, this is as much a story about how as we age, and our parents fall victim to senility/dementia, or other age related illnesses, and they turn into something almost monstrous, as represented here by being bit by the werewolf/vampire thing.  Turning into something that hurts the ones they love, because they’ve forgotten or do not recognize who they are, while in the grip of the illness, as is so often the case with dementia.  But, that may be me giving this flick way more depth than it actually has.

There was almost-nudity, with Stella Steven’s full tilt performance as Beverly “and these are my” Hills.  Jeanne Bates, as Emily, was simply brilliant in her demur portrayal of the killer mom.  Brion James, was, as always, wonderful, as Nestor.  I loved the dynamic between these two, and had there been more of it, it would have been a better movie.  Mary Beth McDonough did the sweet and innocent bit well.  Art Evans, as Lt. Hendrix, was our clever detective, who helped save the day.  Mark Thomas Miller, as Emily’s son, Clay, was… unlikeable.  I’m not certain if that was the writing, the direction, or Miller’s interpretation of the part, but he didn’t come across as overwrought nor did he evoke sympathy from the audience.  He just came across as an asshole.  And a misogynistic asshole who was mean to his mom and didn’t try to actually help her, at that.

The makeup and effects were all sorts of fun.  Not too much gore, but enough to satisfy those of us who like that kind of thing.

It’s a fun watch.

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