Legend of the Naked Ghost (2017) – Made for TV

“Legend of the Naked Ghost”

Movie #3: 31-Days of Horror 2017

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A group of college students, studying the paranormal, their professor, the granddaughter of a famous actress, and a pair of psychic mediums, take an overnight trip to an allegedly haunted house.  

This is a Jim Wynorski film.  To be fair, I was looking for a light, silly, fun twist on horror today.  Ghosts? Check.  Haunted house? Check.  Psychic Medium? Check.  I got way more than that.  Although advertised at 80 minutes long, it had a 15 minute animated short prior to the beginning of the movie, and the last 35 or so minutes of the film was video of a woman in a bathing suit washing a classic car.  Which left  about 20-30 minutes of actual film.   There was plot…ish, in that 20 or 30 minutes of story:  Students investigating rumors of a haunted house end up visited by ghosts and end up helping them “move on.”

What I observed… this is a porn flick, based on supernatural horror, with the sex removed in badly edited cuts.  I can’t even really describe the film as having “sexual situation. What I learned… this was released on Showtime as an essentially soft core porn flick, with the sex scenes intact.  Do I have any intention of giving it a chance if I get the opportunity to see it uncut?  That is a great big negatory, Captain.    And, yes, those familiar with Jim Wynorski films, feel free to have a chuckle.


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