Savage Vows (1995) – Film

Savage Vows

Day 21 of the 31-Days of Horror

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Honestly I misread the title on the cover art as “Sausage Vows”, but decided to check it out anyway.
Mark lost his wife in a car accident, so, after the funeral, his friends (and Mark Polonia) decide to stay with him for the weekend as support. Turns out, they may not be such good friends.

Technical issues (which actually were quite a distraction) aside, this is a slow burn slasher with serious creativity and heart. There’s a scene of some of the characters browsing an early 90’s VHS rental store that’s just fun. Though it does have one of my least favorite tropes: extended scenes of someone acting like they’re running through the woods – and there’s a HUGE difference between running and acting like you’re running.

This was a pretty rough watch.

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