Bio Zombie (Sun faa sau si) (1998) – Film

“Bio Zombie” (“Sun faa sau si”)

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Woody Invincible and Crazy Bee run a VCD shop in a Hong Kong shopping center.  On an errand to get their boss’s car fixed, they accidentally hit a man who runs out into the road.  While trying to help the injured man, they feed him a soft drink that fell out of a briefcase, which is more than it appears.  They put him in the trunk and return to the mall where they find that they brought back more than expected.  With their friends, Jelly and Rolls, they fight to survive and escape the zombies who over run the shopping center.  

This is not your typical Hong Kong horror flick.  This  is an over the top horror comedy with minimal horror but lots of laughs.  Think Mallrats in Hong Kong… with zombies.   The subtitles often don’t make sense or are clumsily translated, which I think mostly adds to the humor.  Cheesy acting, bad make-up effects and minimal gore make for a less than horrific “horror flick.”  But the chemistry of the cast works well and the score is amusing.

The first half of the film tries to get the viewer invested in the characters.  What we discover is that Wood Invincible and Crazy Bee are kind of dicks.  The kind of dicks that illegally film movies to sell, put cockroaches in a person’s shorts and mugs their acquaintances.  Still they have their charming qualities and once  zombies enter the scene and semi bloodless horror ensues, they tend to make the right choices.

This is a silly fun flick and I gave this 3 frufru drinks because I did like it… but I may have questionable taste.

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