The Convent (2000) – Film

“The Convent”

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A group of college kids decide to break into an abandoned convent to tag the bell tower with their sorority/fraternity letters.

Full of stereotypical, over the top, often one dimensional characters, this flick doesn’t even pretend to be deep.   The highlights, whether developed or not,  are the supporting cast and bit players: Megahn Perry as Mo, the outspoken Goth chick; David Gunn as Saul, the self-proclaimed, Prince of Evil, who works at Dairy Cream; Liam Kyle Sullivan as Brant, the eager-to-fit-in Lamda pledge; Coolio & Bill Moseley as the police; Kelly Mantle as Dicky-Boy, Saul’s yes-boy, and of course, Adrienne Barbeau as the larger-than-life, kick-ass inspiration for an Urban Legend.

There are a lot of black light make-up and practical effects in this low-budget flick by Mike Mendez.  Also a lot of blood and gore in this film, enough to satisfy the “gore-whores.”  There are some wonderful highlights in the soundtrack, specifically the beginning of the film and a surreal sequence to “Dreamweaver” about 35 minutes in.

I gave this film 4 rasberry fru fru drinks, because it is ridiculous, silly fun that had me laughing throughout.

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