The Menace with Five Arms (2013) – Film

“The Menace with Five Arms”

Movie #24: 31- Days of Horror Challenge 2018

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A small town of Santa Mira is thrown into confusion after their water tower collapses for an unknown reason, followed by a girl mysteriously going into shock.  The sheriff recruits the help of a professor of Marine Biology to figure out what happened.

I love creature features.  I especially love creature features done well and with tongue firmly in cheek of the filmmakers.  Joshua Kennedy, once again, succeeds in creating an indie gem that hits the best parts of the classic sci-fi/horror films of the 50’s, while acknowledging his budgetary limitations.   His dialogue is cheesy yet clever, the acting is awkward yet apt.  The effects, mixed practical and CGI, are inventive and effective.  Following the logic as established by the films which inspired this, the storytelling is solid.  Other classic horror influences are obvious as well, and largely well incorporated into flow of the movie.

I loved his first feature film “Attack of the Octopus People” (2010), which he made when he was 16 years old,  and this, his 2nd feature length film, reflects his growth and what he’s learned as a filmmaker.  Certainly something I’d recommend if you’re a fan of the B-Grade Creature Feature genre.



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