Sharktopus (2010) – TV Movie


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A genetically engineered half shark – half octopus (Sharktopus aka S-11),  intended as the U.S. Military’s next super weapon, escapes when its (literally strapped around its head) leash is damaged and heads to the shores of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The father/daughter team of biologists who run Blue Water and created S-11 hire ex-military, Andy Flynn to hunt down and capture it.

Roger Coreman presents this mega cheesy, made for Sy-Fy flick.  Though it was intended as a comedy (and there are more than a few places that were obviously comedic, most notably the cameo of Roger Coreman himself) most of the comedy seems to come from the over-the-top, cartoonish CGI and effects (follow the link to hear the Wilhelm Scream) and the Sharktopus itself.

The actors appeared to be doing their damnedest to play their roles as dead-pan or serious as possible.   Only Eric Roberts, as Nathan Sands, leader of Blue Water, creator of Sharktopus; Hector Jimenez, as Bones the quippy camera operator; and Ralph Garman as Captain Jack, the snarky, jaded pirate radio DJ; seemed to have their tongue firmly in cheek during their performances.

Of note is the surprisingly good soundtrack, featuring The Cheetah Whores, and beautiful filming locations.

I gave this 2 1/2 mixers because this flick delivers exactly what it advertises.  I’ll likely revisit this movie at some point (when I have a pitcher full of mojito or margarita as company), but it wasn’t one of Coreman’s better flicks.

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