Bad Ben (2016) – Made for TV

“Bad Ben”

Day 2 31-days of horror 2022

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Tom Riley (Nigel Bach, who also wrote and directed the movie) purchases a house from a sheriff’s auction and as he begins to go through the belongings left behind to flip the house, he discovers why it was up for auction.

This, and I’m as yet uncertain of the rest, is the first of a series of 9 found footage movies (Ala Paranormal Activity) that were made for Prime. I rather preferred this one to Paranormal Activity, at least the reasoning for his recording everything was more plausible. Nice simple effects. A little more budget on some of the props would have helped. It’s well paced, cleverly edited, simple practical effects, and consistent throughout.

It definitely has a certain kind of charm. I may watch the rest. 9 films seems like an awful big investment, especially if they’re all found footage, though.

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