Ssssssss (1973) – Film


Movie #19 of the 2019 31-days of horror challenge.

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An unpopular college student, David Blake becomes the new assistant to research scientist Dr. Carl Stoner, to help discover new anti-serums for snake venom. As the work, David and Dr. Stoner’s daughter, Kristina, fall in love.

This classic killer critter movie is in the vein of the creature features of the 50s. Complete with Dr. Stoner being a mad scientist trying to improve on nature, instead of creating an anti serum, he is actually creating a serum to turn humans into snakes.

The cast as pretty good, featuring Strother Martin as Dr. Carl Stoner, Dirk Benedict as David Blake, and Tim O’connor as Kogan fellow who runs the Freak show. The special effects held up really well I was actually quite pleasantly surprised.

The story leaves a lot of started plot lines unfinished and unaddressed. It’s unclear why certain plot points were mentioned, unless a sequel was intended. Though this film was made before sequels became all the rage.

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