Might I suggest these websites for your viewing and reading pleasure…

Special Mark Productions –  Mark the Movieman’s home for The Final Cut and the show on which I am a regular, The Spoiler Room

Naked Hobo Productions – Glenn Buettner’s B Movie Bunker

Galactic Netcast: The Alien Invasion – Science fiction in films, literature, games and more.

Cauwel3 Reviews – Joe Cauwell’s Reviews

Moviocrity – Scott Davis

Shadows & Lovers Productions


22 Tiger Dude Reviews

Forsaken Film Reviews

For  no holds barred, adult content:

Fear Cast: Astro Radio Z – “Astro Radio Z, is a weekly online radio show promoting independent horror and all things underground, weird, bizarre, taboo and on the fringe.” – From their Facebook page.

Dicks N’ Cider Show – An explicit Podcast that meets every week to entertain, no topic is off limits. So, “Come Join Our Circle Jerk Of A Conversation.”


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