Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies (2016) – Film

“Pride Prejudice, and Zombies” Day 23 of the 2021 31-Days of Horror For more information follow this link. Jane Austin’s classic story of love and relationships between different classes … with a twist.

Pale Blood (1990) – Film

“Pale Blood” Follow this link for more information. 31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #11 Michael Fury hires an eccentric private eye in Los Angeles to investigate recent murders. The victims appear to have been killed by a vampire, or at least that’s what somebody wants the world to think.

Warm Bodies (2013) – Film

“Warm Bodies” Follow this link for more information. This is the story of R.  He’s one of the shambling dead.  One day while out searching for food with his friends, he sees Julie and after eating her boyfriend’s brains and absorbing the memories, something in him starts to change.  R takes Julie home with him, …