Pale Blood (1990) – Film

“Pale Blood”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #11

Michael Fury hires an eccentric private eye in Los Angeles to investigate recent murders. The victims appear to have been killed by a vampire, or at least that’s what somebody wants the world to think.

This direct-to-video, independent film is a fun twist on the vampire genre. George Chakiris, as the suave, mysterious  Michael Fury, gives an intense,  brooding performance.   His interactions with co-star Pamela Ludwig, as the occult obsessed Lori, are aloof, which works well with his character expectations. But, it’s Wings Hauser, as the wild-eyed, eccentric,  monologuing, video artist, Van, who really makes this worth watching.

The story itself is a nice little mystery with one heck of an interesting villain.  There is a lot of random filler in this, but in a fun way that doesn’t necessarily take away from the movie.

I thought this was a fairly well done movie. I have revisited it several times over the years, and would recommend it to people who enjoy other 80s vampire flicks.  But I may have questionable taste.

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