The Funhouse Massacre (2015) – Film

“The Funhouse Massacre”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #12

Statesville asylum is home to some of the most frightening psychopaths in the world.  Their escape coincides with the opening of a haunted  fun house maze based on the horrific deeds of these deranged villains.    As they take their places in the funhouse, the crowd is in for a treat as they slowly discover first hand that the realistic looking gore effects  are more than just make up.

Anyone who picks this up and sees that it features Robert Englund, Clint Howard, Jere Burns, and Courtney Gains should not be surprised that this is a cheesy b-grade horror.  This is a bloody, gorey good time, a bit predictable, sure, but good make up and effects make it worth watching.  The soundtrack is really effective, including a theme song which is rather catchy.  This is set in a fantastic location,  filmed at the Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park outside Middletown, Ohio.

I actually thought the characters were nicely executed homages to many of the classic horror tropes.  Cannibalism, mummification, religious zealotry, clowns, and slashers are all represented here, as are the stereotypical pool of victims and “heroes.”

I really enjoyed this one. I thought it accomplished what it set out to do.  But, it might not be for everyone.

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