Frankenfish (2004) – Made-For-TV


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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #13

A medical examiner and a biologist are sent to investigate the death of a fisherman in the Louisiana swamp.  They discover that the swamp monsters attacking the locals are actually genetically engineered Chinese Snake-head fish, owned by a wealthy hunter.

Not bad for a made-for-tv creature feature.   The writing and dialogue were preposterous.  The biologist would suggest a thing, or make a dogmatic statement without any sort of examination or evidence, and it would simply be true.  Not that I was expecting much else, but some sort of effort at fake science would have been appreciated.  I loved the voodoo bits, which seemed to be taken every bit as seriously as the “science.”  I even loved when the lady biologist tried to mac on the fisherman’s daughter.  The puppets/props of the croc head and the giant fish were amusing.

It was entertaining, but not great.  My favorite part was the the ending scene. Usually I quite enjoy cheesy creature features, so maybe I’ll give it another chance at some point.


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