Club Vampire (1998) – Film

“Club Vampire”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #14

Zero is bored with his existence and his “family,” Alko, Laura, and Kiddo.  He has spent decades trying to build up a tolerance for at least a few moments of sunlight by watching the sunrise over the Pacific.  Recently, he  has been watching Corri, an exotic dancer who also turns tricks at the nightclub, Club Vampire, and single mother.  In watching her, he senses her loneliness and hopes she can help him remember how to feel alive.  When Laura visits Corri at the nightclub, she gets carried away, accidentally killing and turning Corri.  When the rest of the family finds out, they want to dispose of Corri, but Zero chooses to protect her.  

This film had the dubious honor of being the lowest rated movie (according to IMDb) I owned, until I picked up Attack of the Jurassic Shark.  The story isn’t that bad, it’s about what you’d expect from something produced by Roger Coreman, a little on the cheesy side.  The club scenes are intended to be surreal, but the wavery camera angles are overly artistic, too frequent, and simply distracting.  The camera effects are not effective, bordering on causing motion sickness.  The make-up is hit  or really miss.  There are a couple of great practical effects scenes in this piece though.  The music falls short of effective.

The highlights include John Savage, as the twitchy Zero with his mad soliloquies; Starr Andreeff, as the jaded Corri; and just because she’s in a couple other schlocky films around this time, Diana Frank, as Laura.  The costuming, at least for the club scenes, is nice.

I’m not going to go so far as to say this movie is good, it certainly isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen.  I’m glad I found it, I thought it was worth the watch.

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