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“Deadman Apocalypse”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #15

In a dystopian future, Jack Deadman is part of a military team sent to find a stolen water supply in order to save humanity, in underground passages, called Labyrinthia.  The mission fails when the inhabitants of Labyrinthia attack the team.  10 years later, Jack, now known only in legend, as The Jackal, haunted by his failure, and hiding in the tunnels,  has never found a way out, discovers that one of his team, Alba, is still alive and imprisoned.   With renewed purpose, he rallies to fight the Emperor Ramses, and free Alba.

This post-apocalyptic flick is rather clever and creative.  Almost the entire movie is filmed in the tunnels.  The tunnel walls appear to be constructed of wooden pallets, which, okay, underground passages would need to be supported, and in mines, traditionally, wooden supports are used.  The tunnels are small, about large enough for a 10-year-old child to stand, but adults would need to crouch.  Which made for a very claustrophobic, trapped setting.  A nice added twist was that the walls of the labyrinth moved, so that sometimes they couldn’t go back because a new wall blocked where they just were. I appreciated the consistency. I also appreciate how challenging it must have been to film some of the scenes, especially the chase scenes, while still making them look plausible.

The labyrinth dwelling creatures, which they didn’t show nearly enough of, were nifty, that first creature in the mask rather startled me.  The cast was really small, considering there was supposed to be an entire community of underground dwellers, we saw only a handful. The make up was well done, the music carried the tension well.

Overall, what they did they did well.  What could have looked like a low budget joke, was actually made plausible.  I would have liked to see them take it a little farther.

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