The Hills Run Red (2009) – Film

“The Hills Run Red”

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Tyler, a young horror fan, becomes obsessed with a lost film called “The Hills Run Red” that disappeared 20 years ago.   His search leads him to a strip club where he finds the filmmaker’s daughter, Alexa.  She takes Tyler, his girlfriend, Serina, and friend, Lalo,  to her family’s farm, allegedly, filmmaker Concannon’s last resting place.  There, they discover the horrific truth about Concannon’s dedication to his film.

The opening sequence is quite disturbing and a hell of a standard to set for the rest of the film.  The story is interesting, with beautiful cinematography, and there is plenty of gore, for those of us who are fans (though some of it is CGI and that is rather disappointing).  The soundtrack is effectively creepy and tension building. Though the characters stay true to their natures throughout the film, the acting doesn’t quite match the intensity of the the story.  I found I was more interested in how the characters would die rather than if they would die.   Only William Sadler’s performance, as Concannon, Alexa’s murdering,pedifile father, comes close to believable.

I gave this 2 1/2 mixed drinks, while the acting was meh, it was a nice twist on found footage films.

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