Insane (2014) – Short Film


A short film featured at the 2014 Oshkosh Horror Film Festival.

Follow this link for more information or visit the Official Website.

A young director is on a tour, with a county representative, of an abandoned psychiatric asylum on a location scout for his next film.  While there, they disturb the legendary ghost who haunts the asylum.  

This is a creepy, beautifully photographed, found footage short, with plenty of jump scares, and an over abundance of well executed effects.  In my opinion, a few too many effects. The film is too short for the evolution of the ghost to go from a misty presence to a full on apparition without loosing the effectiveness and the mystique.  Also, there is a plot hole that could have been filled to flesh out the film and balance the effects.  Specifically, the back story of Sara Davis, the county worker.  According to the dialogue, her family had worked at the asylum for generations and she was the first to not work in the medical field, yet she apparently knew little to nothing beyond the legend.

It was effectively entertaining and well worth watching.  Check their website for festival and distribution information.

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