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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #30

A group of friends has come to Katzman Cove for a vacation.  The chartered boat for the weekend.   Local news reports missing boaters and fishermen, but Madge, Skip, and Coop decide to go ahead with their plans and head out into the cove with their mute boat captain, Hoskins.  As Harbor Patrol’s Duke Lawson investigates the missing boaters, he directs Madge, Skip, and Coop to head back to land, however, their boat has been damaged and they decide to swim to a nearby island, where they discover the mad-Nazi-scientist, Klaus, and his diabolical project.

This extremely low budget, indie flick from Wild Eye Releasing, directed Mike Polonia, who also did Bigfoot Vs Zombies, is not really that great of a movie.  That does not mean, however, that it isn’t worth watching, regardless of the truly awful CGI (not much in the way of practical effects was even attempted aside from a few severed body parts), questionable casting and acting (I’m not sure what age the group of “kids” is supposed to be, the clothing style and dialogue, suggest much younger than the actors), and the dialogue that was essentially a running narrative among the cast explaining what was happening rather than the movie showing what was happening.

Clearly, the film makers took a very tongue-in-cheek approach to this movie.  None of the cast seemed to take their roles too seriously, thankfully.  From the appalling “German accent” affected by Klaus, Jeff Kirkendall, to the, admittedly many, face palm moments (specifically the scene with Bonnie Boom Boom, or the “dynamite” wired, literally with electrical wire, together),  to the hokey shark-creature itself, which had me in stitches, ha-ha, (I presume that this was shots of a puppet that was added in post production) and the spontaneous mutation of Sharkenstein resembling the ’90s cartoon, Street Sharks, there is plenty of amusement to be had.

The only things I really didn’t care for were the excessive drone footage, which, at some points, nearly caused motion sickness, the fact that they used CGI flame on a real stick, and the whole premise that Frankenstein’s monster’s brain and heart are indestructible, neigh immortal, even as the rest of it’s body has failed.

This film will definitely entertain a particular audience, especially if they have questionable taste (Hi, that would be me!).  If you’ve picked up a movie called “Sharkenstein,” watched the trailer, and still chose watch this, you shouldn’t be at all surprised at what you get.  Unless you’re a fan of super cheesy, low budget, need to have an open mind and look for the good, kind of indie film, this probably isn’t for you.

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