Sorority Slaughterhouse (2016) – Film

“Sorority Slaughterhouse”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #31

College Dean Whitman has been dumped by a student with whom he was having an affair.  Her break up gift to him was a clown doll hand crafted by a Voo Doo priestess.  Not appreciating the gift, and not handling the break up well, he plays a little game of Russian Roulette between himself and the doll, Bobo the Clown, and loses, sort of. When his blood splatters the doll, his soul is transferred into it.  In his new form he heads for Delta Pi Sorority to take revenge upon the girl who wronged him.

This b-grade, indie horror by David DeCoteau, is set at the same location as many of his other films (If you’ve seen any of the “1313” series of films, you’ll know what I mean).   The characters aren’t terribly well developed and are a bit stereotypical, but a film like this is a grab a drink and popcorn, disengage your brain and enjoy.

Unlike movies with a similar premise (yes, I mean Charles Band and the Puppet Master films), this isn’t as dark and frightening, this embraces the comedy and revels in the snarky witticisms, especially during the kill scenes.  The catty sorority sister bickering, especially between Jessica Morris, as Allie the black magic sister, and Kelli Seymour, as Victoria the self-admitted shallow, oversexed sister, is fantastic.

One of the reviews on IMDb called Eric Roberts a “National Treasure,”  and, frankly, after this performance as Dean Witman/Bobo the Clown, I agree.   This movie is all him.  I would totally recommend it to fans of the possessed doll sub-genre.

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