Deep Blue Sea (1999) – Film

“Deep Blue Sea”

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On an isolated deep sea research facility, a group of scientists work to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease by experimenting on shark’s brains.  Put under a deadline of produce results or be shut down, Dr. Susan McCallister pushes her research to dangerous levels and, taking advantage of a sudden tropical storm, the group of highly intelligent sharks fight back.

This film is bursting with talent!  Super sexy Saffron Burroughs heads the cast as lead biologist/researcher, Dr. Susan McCallister, obsessed with finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.  Thomas Jane gives an athletic performance (read: eye candy for the ladies) as Carter Blake, shark wrangler.  Michael Rapaport is excellent, high energy Tom Scoggins.  LL Cool J does an outstanding job as Preacher, who is actually a Chef.  Samuel Jackson is the very rich owner of the research facility who has some experience with adversity and natural disasters, Russell Franklin.

I’m glad they used the mechanical sharks for this movie, so much visual appeal.  The only issue was in a few of the shots (or kill scenes), it was obvious that the actors were sitting inside the mouth rather than being mauled by it.  Granted, it really didn’t look and probably wasn’t comfortable for the actor involved.

This film was intended to be an action/horror film.  The point was to see which of the characters would survive the sharks attacks.  Character set up happened at the beginning of the film and was only addressed minimally later so as not to distract from the action.  (According to the commentary by director, Renny Harlin, this was done so the audience wouldn’t get bored.  Sadly, I think he underestimates the audience.)  For the most part, I think the movie successfully drew the audience in, gave several surprises, and was thrilling.

I gave this 3 bottles of beer.

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