Attack of the Jurassic Shark (2012) – Film

“Attack of the Jurassic Shark”

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Art thieves hiding out after a heist and activists looking to film something incriminating choose the same day to go to a small island where an oil company is located.  The oil company has drilled into what appears to be an ice pocket and set free a prehistoric shark into the lake surrounding the island. 

This Canadian, low-budget, indie flick was not as bad as I had expected.  True, the CGI was terrible (sorry, not going to sugar coat that one), likely due to budget.  This movie would have benefited greatly had the filmmakers used more practical effects rather than relying almost entirely CGI.  Red stains on a lab coat don’t count.  The story concept wasn’t bad, though the execution was slow.  Some scenes were unnecessarily drawn out, possibly to add suspense. It wasn’t suspenseful, it just dragged.  The scene cuts during the “action” scene were hugely distracting.

The acting wasn’t really that bad, the cast had enthusiasm and were able to convey appropriate tension.  (Again, practical effects would have helped to cue certain moments better, rather than the cast “reacting” to seemingly nothing.)  There was character development and I did develop empathy for the girls being held hostage.   The dialogue wasn’t horrible, though sometimes it completely random facts came from unexpected characters.    The soundtrack was really good, successfully creating the appropriate ambiance.  Also, the location was beautiful.

This movie certainly had potential, but better editing and tightening of the scenes (though it would have shortened the film) would have made the story more solid.

I thought it was worth seeing.  If you enjoy low – micro budget films, you’ll probably find this worth watching as well.

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