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Three Norwegian college students decide to film a documentary on unusual bear killings by what other hunters suspect is a poacher.    Soon after following the mysterious poacher, they discover he is actually a troll hunter. 

This highly original Norwegian “found footage” flick is one of the best of it’s ilk.    The characters are engaging.   The main protagonist, Hans; the jaded Troll Hunter; is gruff, mysterious and well past ready to let the world know the truth.   He conveys the weariness of being the only Troll Hunter, in his actions as well as his retelling of the horrors he’s had to commit upon the Trolls in order to protect people from discovering their existence.   The young filmmakers wanting to believe, at first skeptical, then all too excited about what they’ve stumbled upon.   Each struggling with the consequences their own reactions and decisions as they follow the Troll Hunter.

Though I’m not typically a “found footage fan,” the style works well in this case along with the CGI, especially during the footage of the trolls.  Part of the reason I really enjoyed this is that the filmmakers didn’t have the need to film anything from the Trolls’ perspective, which is a particular dislike of mine.

The story is steeped in Norwegian folklore and culture and filled with the landscapes of where those mythological creatures originated.   However, because the story is so particular to the Norwegian culture, I feel like I’m missing some of the subtle nuances of it.  Fortunately, it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the film, it just makes me wonder if it’s possible like it even more.   The film is exactly what it intends to be.

I gave “Trollhunter” 4 glasses of mead.

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