Idle Hands (1999) – Film

“Idle Hands”

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Anton is a slacker, he sits idle all day watching television and smoking pot.  Anton’s right has becomes possessed and goes on a murderous rampage.

I wanted to like this horror comedy.  It has all the key elements I typically like in a film.  A decent (though cheesy) plot, a talented cast (Seth Green, always a favorite, with his quirky, energetic, infectious comedic style; Jessica Alba, vixen extraordinaire; and Vivica A. Fox, sexy, sassy, bad ass), lots of blood, good music and high jinks.  It had the feel of a Haim/Feldmen 80’s flick set in the 90’s with a supernatural twist.

This flick started out slow, but managed to pick up the pace.  The main issue for me was that I couldn’t empathize with any of the characters.  They felt flat and uninteresting.  Given the plot, character development should have been a priority, especially for the primary character, Anton, however more emphasis seemed to be placed on the action sequences.

Even thought the movie didn’t manage to appeal to me, I fully appreciate it, so it gets 2 1/2 fru fru drinks.

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