The Manitu (1978) – Film

“The Manitu”

Movie #20 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Harry is a psychic with actual ability who prefers to play the charlatan because it pays better. A former girlfriend who used to work with him, contacts him because of an odd growth on her neck which turns out to be the reincarnation of an evil Native American spirit.

I remember enjoying it the first time I saw it. It really hasn’t held up well over the years. Especially as a “white savior” type film.

Tony Curtis does a great Tony Curtis. Michael Ansara is in his, unfortunately typically type-cast role. Burgess Meredith is amazing as always in the wise man/teache role.

As a demonic possession type film made not long after The Exorcist… I’ve seen worse. The creepy effects work and are still creepy. The villain doesn’t work.

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