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“The Unwanted”

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A young drifter, Carmilla, is seeking information about the mother she never met.  When she arrives in a rural town, she meets Laura, an awkward waitress, and they develop a relationship, of which Laura’s father disapproves.

This seductive indie horror is inspired by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire story ‘Carmilla.’  The haunting soundtrack, cinematography, solid writing, direction, and strong performances, give the audience a dark and horrific homoerotic love story weaved into a tale of self discovery and acceptance.  With understated effects throughout, plenty of blood and a few moments of practical effects gore, this film doesn’t disappoint.

William Katt, as Troy Pickett, really sells the creepy, erratic, sinister, old-bastard vibe.  Hannah Fierman brings a wide eyed innocence to Laura Pickett’s nearly desperate search for love and self acceptance.  Christen Orr, as Carmilla, gives an intense performance as the lonely, jaded Carmilla who has come to the last hope of finding information about her mother.

The characters develop in their own ways as the plot unfolds and the chemistry is palpable between the three primary characters .  I liked the parallel between mothers and daughters as well as the self fulfilling prophecy that the jealous and controlling Troy Pickett created.  The flashbacks are wrought with emotion and degradation,  of which, in Katt’s mild mannered delivery, Pickett does his best to make his daughter believe he was the victim.

Although the fates of the characters are not unexpected, the audience is given very little time to process, once the climax occurs, the film ends.  I realize there isn’t much more that need be done, at that point the story is over, but it still feels somewhat abrupt.  Perhaps it’s because the filmmakers gave a few extra moments to Carmilla’s conclusion that they did not give to Laura or Troy that makes the ending feel unbalanced somehow.

I gave this 3 glasses of red wine.  I found this quite a enjoyable vampire flick that doesn’t have any actual vampires.  But it isn’t for everyone.



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