Tale of the Mummy (1998) – Film

“Tale of the Mummy”

Movie #21 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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A group of archeologists break the seal of a cursed tomb of Egyptian Prince Talos, resulting in their deaths, but not before the expedition leader, Sir Richard Turkel, can seal the entrance to the tomb once more. Years later, his granddaughter, Samantha Turkel, following the journals by Sir Richard, leads her own team to the same tomb, this time releasing the curse again.

This is a refreshing twist on a fairly standard Mummy story from Russell Mulcahy offers some truly pleasant surprises. The cast is outstanding, starting out with Christopher Lee as Sir Richard Turkel in the opening scenes. Sean Pertwee is outstanding in this, as the psychic no one will listen to, Bradley Cortese. Jason Scott Lee, is Riley, the American Detective. Jack Davenport is Detective Bartone, Riley’s partner in the investigation. Mustn’t forget Shelley Duval, Lysette Anthony, Michael Lerner, Gerard Butler, and Honor Blackman.

Of course there can’t be a Mummy movie without a romantic spin, ugh. Jason Scott Lee and Louise Lombard could have pulled off a little bit of sexual tension, but the way the way the story was written, the “romance” was really forced.

The way they designed Mummy itself was innovative. Which makes the CGI creature at the end all the more disappointing.

I quite liked this.

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