I Am Legend (2007) – Film

“I Am Legend”

Movie #19 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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A virologist, Robert Neville, helped discover a cure for cancer with the side effect of killing most people treated, turning the rest into monsters, and only a 1% immunity. He survives alone in New York with his dog, trying to find a cure for the virus. Until he meets another survivor and makes a terrible discovery about the infected.

I’d seen this years ago, and mis-remembered much of it. Will Smith does an admirable job, especially his interactions with the dog …and the mannequins. The computer generated creatures don’t hold up that great, though the concept does. Man plays God, screws the world up… continues to play God and makes things worse. I really enjoyed much of the film, especially the music.

Anyway, as I said, I mis-remembered much of this – mostly the ending – and I don’t know which movie I’ve confused it with. Maybe World War Z. I didn’t like the ending of this film, it’s the kind of cliché ending people use when they don’t know how to end a story. Now I’m going to need to watch the version with Vincent Price.

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