Rabid Grannies (1988) – Film

“Rabid Grannies”

Movie #18 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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At a family gathering celebrating their Aunts birthdays, a mysterious gift arrives. Everyone is surprised to learn that it is from the one member of the family, their nephew Christopher, who is not there. To the Aunts delight, it is a beautifully carved wooden box, which once opened, causes them to turn into demons, who eat everyone they catch.

It was time for a Troma release. The audience can always rely on Troma to give them the most outrageous, gory, inappropriate faire. Inane dialogue, bad voice dubbing, schlocky effects and make-up… this has it all. Yes, it’s called Rabid Grannies, even though they are Aunts not Grannies. It’s Troma, they do what they want. Unlikeable and obnoxious family members being pursued, stalked, mocked, murdered, and gobbled up by the demon Aunts, that’s it, that’s the plot.

Like most Troma, you will like it or you won’t.

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