The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) – Film

“The Gods Must Be Crazy”

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Life for a tribe of bushmen of the Kalahari is disrupted when  a coke bottle falls from the sky.  Xi decides that he must return the bottle to the gods to resolve the disruption.  On his journey, he encounters a clumsy biologist, a school teacher and a band of revolutionaries. 

This South African flick is a brilliant comedic allegory handled wonderfully by writer/director Jamie Uys!  His use of music is similar to silent film, sometimes exaggerated and silly, to emphasize suspense or comedy.  There are several threads of story happening simultaneously.  Set in and around the Kalahari Desert and Botswana, our hero, the bushman, Xi’s undertakes an adventure returning the mysterious bottle to the gods; our romantic twist features Kate’s journey from disenfranchised office worker to minimalist school teacher and Andrew, the clumsy, both physically and socially, biologist who is transporting Kate; and the revolutionaries sweeping all in their path into chaos, led by Sam Boga; all of whom eventually cross paths and significantly affect each others lives.

If you’re looking for National Geographic like accuracy, this is not for you.  This is both campy and seriously thought provoking.

Without a doubt, this film gets 5 bottles of soda!


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