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“Galaxy Quest”

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Galaxy Quest was a short lived sci-fi television series that developed a rabid cult following.  There are now conventions dedicated to the show where fans get to cos-play and meet the actors who played their beloved characters.  At one such convention, Jason Nesmith, who played Captain Peter Quincey Taggart, is approached by Aliens who have intercepted the crew’s “historical archives” and soon finds himself on a real space ship battling real aliens.  Now he and his dysfunctional crew, must find a way save an entire species from annihilation.

I love this combination commentary, wish-fulfillment story.  Every fan wants to believe that it could happen for their favorite characters.  A fun story with engaging characters, appropriately cheesy effects,  score, and costuming.

There is no shortage of talent in this flick, though for me, Enrico Colantoni, as Mathesar, really steals the scenes.   He manages to convey so much emotion with his affected monotone and while keeping a smile almost constantly on his face.  From Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith (the fearless leader, more brains than brawn, Captain Peter Quincey Taggart), Sigourney Weaver as Gwen Demarco (the token eye candy, Communications Officer Tawney Madison); Alan Rickman as one time serious theater actor, Alexander Dane (the token alien, Dr. Lazerous); Tony Shalhoub, as the extremely mellow Fred Kwan (the token, though miscast, minority Tech Sgt. Chen);Daryll Mitchell as the now adult Tommy Webber (precocious, brilliant child, young Laredo); and Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman (the token “Red Shirt”  who played an extra who didn’t die in a Galaxy Quest episode); and Justin Long as the fan who knows more about the show, especially the technical aspects, than the actors, Brandon; the cast has wonderful chemistry and all evolve throughout the story.

For completely succeeding in making the fan-girl in me stand up and cheer, I gave this 4 1/2 cups of tea, Earl Gray, Hot.

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