The Frankenstein Theory (2013) – Film

“The Frankenstein Theory”

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Professor John Venkenheim, who believes that Mary Shelly’s novel was based on true events and self proclaimed descendent of the real Dr. Frankenstein, hires a documentary film crew to travel to Canada following his research and ultimately find Frankenstein’s creature.

This “found footage” flick is rather slow paced but picks up in the last third of the movie. The film didn’t strictly follow the “found footage” template.  There was no explanation how or where the footage was found and the fades between scenes took me out of the ambiance.

The supporting cast is dynamic and interesting, however the main characters are less so.   First impression of John Venkenheim is that he is a pretentious, self absorbed, arrogant jackwagon.   That impression really doesn’t change throughout the film, except to find out that in his mind he has created a fantasy about how the Creature and he are somehow connected and only he will be able to tame and ease the Creature’s loneliness.   (Yes, I cheered when he was crunched.)  The camera men provide comedic relief by routinely over reacting to almost everything.  Annie is, well, pretty.  The two best characters are the bat-shit-crazy witness they interview at the beginning of the film and Karl, the no nonsense guide.

The concept is very interesting, much of the film is well executed, just, as mentioned earlier, slow moving.  The music, at the beginning of the movie, seemed inappropriate.  Or maybe it’s purpose was to emphasize how much of a jackwagon the professor was, in which case, it succeeded.

It had a surprisingly solid ending.  I think that made me like this a little more than I otherwise would, it ended very logically.

Overall, I gave this 2 1/2 hot chocolates.  Weak beginning, but the end didn’t leave me feel as if I’d entirely wasted my time.


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