Creatures From the Pink Lagoon (2006) – Film

“Creatures From the Pink Lagoon”

Movie #3 of the 2019 31-Day of horror movie challenge.

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Phillip and his flamboyant friends are gathered at a cabin on a beach, near the Pink Lagoon, to celebrate his birthday. Meanwhile, a nearby chemical plant is suspected of contaminating the mosquitos/flies in the swamp and causing a dangerous virus outbreak. Philip and his friends must face this menace as those affected by this virus shamble on their beach and attack them.

This independet, black and white, campy homage to classic 50’s monster movies is a hoot and you get what you ought to expect from the title. The film is filled with the usual horror, as well as gay, tropes, horror stereotypes (including the prescribed love story between the “final girl”, Phillip, who is dating a “bad boy” but realizes he deserves someone better, and the clever but shy, Joseph; the jock; the promiscuous one; death by sex, etc.), creative effects (the fly where the audience can see the monofilament line was a nice touch), and a great solution to the zombie menace.

As a horror comedy, there’s clearly a lot more comedy than horror. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a musical, but there are a couple entertaining dance scenes, and the soundtrack is worth mentioning. As a zombie movie, I’ve seen worse. There’s shambling dead rising from graves, from the depths of the lagoon, and they’re biting everyone they stumble across.

There are definitely people to whom I would recommend this. And there are others for whom this would fall outside their comfort zone.

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