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After a meteorite crashes in the woods, a nearby small town becomes infested with alien parasites.

Written and directed by James Gunn, this movie pays homage to several horror classics and works on many levels.  The story is engaging and well paced.  Full of outrageous, blatantly over-the-top characters, the dialogue is witty with apologetically raunchy humor.  There are plenty of fun action sequences, and enough gore (oh such wonderful practical effects) to satisfy the gore hounds, the film maintains a solid level of suspense.

The cast obviously had a tremendous amount of fun making this film.  Featuring Nathan Fillion, as the small town sheriff who has a crush on Michael Rooker, as socially awkward Grant Grant’s wife, Starla, played by Elizabeth Banks.  Add in the talented Gregg Henry, as the tactless mayor, Jack MacReady.  They simply own their roles.

This film is horror comedy at it’s best.  I gave it 4 bottles of beer.

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