Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater (2014) – Film

“Arkham Sanitarium: Soul Eater”

Movie #5 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Paranormal investigators go into Arkaham Sanitarium, an abandoned institution which was closed down after a cult was found to be performing horrible acts upon their patients.

I don’t want to call it a found footage, ghost hunter, mocumentary because only parts of it are actually that. It calls itself horror, but it’s actually horror/comedy. Lots of shaky, flickering shots, flashing images, high pitched sounds mixed with static, definitely a film to be avoided by those with visual or auditory triggers (such as seizure disorders). This was actually difficult to watch due to the frenetic cinematography. There was a lot of creativity here, but just too much unnecessary fodder going on onscreen to make this an enjoyable experience for the viewer.

The effects are a mixture of styles that don’t always flow or make sense. At times they are downright comedic.

The cast was decent, if cheesy. Shannon Brown (Mark) and Rinska Carrasco (Linda) certainly gave entertaining performances. All the characters stayed in their very one-dimensional lanes.

I’m not sure I can, in good conscience, recommend this movie.

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