Lizard Boy (2011) – Film

“Lizard Boy”

Movie #6 of the 2020 31-Days of Horror.

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Gino (Pete Punito) is a geneticist working on a secret government project. He and his fiancée are trying to get pregnant, when they discover he is unable. When she breaks things off, Gino decides to use his expertise to create his own son using genetic material from Lucy, the Komodo Dragon who is the subject of the secret government project, mixed with his own genetic material.

I applaud the filmmakers for what they put together here and the vision of a creator/creation story (ala Frankenstein) that they were trying to present. A better set location would have made a huge difference. They simply didn’t have the budget to make parts of this story plausible.

It would be easy to tear this movie down, but since there is come real creativity here, I would rather focus on that. The story it self was well thought out if not well executed. The make-up for Carlos (Steven Zeigler), the Lizard Boy, was really quite good, the CGI tail wasn’t too bad either. The actions scenes with him were actually good. Rachel Riley, as Julie, gave an enthusiastic performance and really added to the third act of the movie.

Although I’m glad I gave it a chance and watched it, there are few people to whom I would recommend this movie.

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