Netherbeast Incorporated (2007) – Film

“Netherbeast Incorporated”

Movie #22: 31-Days of Horror Challenge 2017

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Otto, an employee of Berm-Tech Industries, Inc., is called into his supervisor, Turner’s office one morning to find one of his co-workers, Mike, sitting in a chair, a stake through his chest.  Turner states that he killed Mike because he was a vampire.  Obviously, Otto is disturbed by this, as Berm-Tech is owned and operated by vampires, or as they prefer to be called, Netherfolk, and Turner himself is one.  Turner, it seems, has contracted an illness which causes him senility, and he has forgotten that he is a Netherfolk.  So, he hires a “first lifer,” Jewel, to replace Mike, and further calls in a business advisor, and things become quite complicated.  

This is an entertaining twist on the vampire genre, effectively using narration and animation to fill in some of the backstory.  It is light, campy, and is full of over the top gore and violence.  Most of the film is set in the offices of Berm-Tech, so the film strongly relies on the talent of the cast to carry the story, and they do not disappoint.

Starring Steve Burns, who is a great sport about leaving clues about his previous projects scattered throughout the film, as Otto, our mild-mannered, blue-wearing hero; SNL veteran, Darrell Hammond, as our brain addled boss, Turner;  Dave Foley, as the frantic, next-in-command, Henry; Jason Mewes, as, apparently Otto’s sidekick, as he really didn’t seem to have much purpose besides adding snarky repartee, “Waxy”; Judd Nelson as the odd, nosey  Landry; and Robert Wagner as President James A. Garfield.

I thought this was creative and fun.

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