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“Juan of the Dead”

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Juan has spent most of his life surviving(“I survived Mariel, I survived Angola, I survived that Special Period and that thing that came later and I’m going to survive this.”), but not doing much of anything else, in Cuba and is willing to fight to keep it that way.   Suddenly, there is an uprising of “dissidents,” according to the Cuban government.  Now Juan, along with his sidekick, Lazaro; Lazaro’s son, Vladi California; Camilla, Juan’s estranged daughter; a cross dresser named China, and tough-guy, El Primo, must try to survive Cuba being over run by zombies.  Not just survive, but make a profit while they help others survive.  Their slogan, “Juan of the Dead: we kill your loved ones. How can we help you today?”

This is a wonderfully over the top award winning, Cuban, horror comedy full of 3-dimentional characters, who actually develop through the film while retaining their basic natures, witty dialogue, political undertones, well executed practical and decent special effects, a beautiful setting, and a great score.  Some of the scenes, especially the fight scenes, are downright silly, but it seems that’s what writer/director Alehandro Brugues is going for.  Enough gore to satisfy us “gore whores,” this film may not be for everyone, but if you don’t mind subtitles and are a fan zombie apocalypse flicks, definitely check this one out!

I gave this 4 Cuba Libres,  I thought this was a well put together zombie flick.

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