Evil Dead II (1987) – Film

“Evil Dead II”

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A lone survivor of a demon possession/attack at a cabin in the woods, Ash must work with the family of the cabin’s deceased owners to defeat the evil set free by The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis or Book of the Dead.

The second installment of one of the most iconic horror franchises ever made.  A retelling as much as a sequel to Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead,”  this is a smorgasbord of creative effects, costuming, camera shots, shadows and lighting and sound, forcing the audience to use its imagination to embody the evil forces.   Of course, the most important gem, Bruce Campbell as Ash, who went on to inspire yet another sequel, a companion book, as well as multiple video games and even a Broadway & Las Vegas Musical.  This is the movie in which Ash really evolves into the icon that has been beloved by fans for over 25 years.

In this story, Ash goes to a secluded cabin with his girlfriend, Linda, only to fall victim to the evil forces set free by the cabin’s owners when Ash listens to a recording which recited from The Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.  First, the demons possess Linda and Ash is forced to destroy her, then they come after him.  Violence, insanity, gore and hilarity ensue as Ash tries to survive.  Then the cabin owner’s daughter, played by Sarah Berry, arrives with her entourage.  Now they must work together if they are to defeat the deadites as the demons start to possess each person, until once again, only Ash remains.

I can’t fairly rate this movie, it has been so influential in my tastes and preferences.   It is the basis for many cliches in the movies of the horror genre that have followed its release.  I could give it a 5 drink rating on that merit alone.  But since I realize my judgement is slightly clouded regarding this entire series, I’m going ahead and making up a completely different rating… Evil Dead II gets the whole damned pitcher of whatever drink you want.

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