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“Piranha 3D”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #21

The folks of Lake Victoria are getting ready for the annual spring break celebration.  Jake is a 17-year-old local kid, whose mom is the town sheriff, and he is frustrated with his babysitting responsibilities.  When he meets Derek Jones, the director of “Wild, Wild, Girls” and is offered a job as a local guide, he takes the opportunity to live a little.  Meanwhile, after a freak accident involving a dropped beer bottle, an earthquake opens an underwater cavern releasing killer piranha.  

The opening scene for this film makes me beyond happy.  An homage to one of my all time favorite, and one of the most influential films to help shape my current film preferences, Jaws.  The details, from the song to his wardrobe to the vintage tiny fishing boat used in the scene, Richard Dreyfuss’ cameo was perfectly done.

This film is full of, well, everything that can be undressed and jiggled that one might expect to see at a spring break beach party.   And in the center of it all is Jerry O’Connell, doing his best over-the-top, exploiting every advantage, fast talking, used-porn-salesman , Derek Jones, whose sharp tongue cannot save him from the piranhas voracious appetite.  He fast talks our youthful and naive hero, Jake, played by Steven R McQueen, grandson of you-guessed-it, into being a location scout, leaving Jake’s younger siblings to their own mischievous devices, unaware of the danger lurking beneath the waters of the lake.  Jake’s mom, Elisabeth Schue, is the over worked Lake Victoria Sheriff Julie Forrester.  She along with Deputy Fallon, Ving Rhames, team up with Adam Scott, as Novak of the USGS, to find out what happened with the earthquake, and with the help of Dr. Goodman, Christopher Lloyd, they discover that a supposedly extinct especially aggressive species of Piranha is now loose in Lake Victoria.

The 3D effects are certainly entertaining.  A lot of music that keeps you bouncing in your seat.  How they managed to choreograph all the action on the lake when the piranha attacked the spring break party was impressive.  There are a few great practical effects, and usually I am not a fan of CGI, but in this I don’t even care how cheesy the CGI effects are because it works with the rest of the movie.   I had too much fun writing the description, which tells me that I may have enjoyed the film more than I care to admit.


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