Piranha 3DD (2012) – Film

“Piranha 3DD”

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31 Days of Horror Challenge: Movie #22

After the tragic events of Lake Victoria 12 months ago, the community became quarantine due to the toxic measures used to counteract the piranha.  In a nearby community, a water park, The Big Wet, is re-launching with a new money making scheme.  In addition to the typical family friendly park, the owner has decided to add an “adult only” area.  In order to afford this, the owner took some shady short cuts.

This sequel is set at a water park.  A water park with an “adults only” section.  The owner of this spectacle is Chet, David Koechner, a widower and the step father of marine biologist major, Maddy, Danielle Panabaker, on break from school, who does not approve of the changes made to her family’s water park.  And who can blame her, it’s a sleaze fest.

The story, what there is of it, is straight forward.  Chet inherits the majority of the park, makes questionable changes and even more questionable money saving short cuts, and bad things happen.

Christopher Lloyd returns as Dr. Goodman, our fish expert, to help Maddy and her friends, since he has been studying the specimen given to him from Lake Victoria.  Paul Scheer, Andrew the Wild, Wild Girls camera man, and Ving Rhames, a now legless Deputy Fallon, return, this time Andrew is Deputy Fallon’s friend and helper, trying to overcome Fallon’s fear of water.  Clu Gulager and Gary Busey have an amusing cameo.  And the highlight of the film, David Hasselhoff as David Hasselhoff, invited by Chet as a special guest life guard for the grand opening of The Big Wet.  He sums up the situation perfectly in one line.  (However, since I refuse to post spoilers, all I can say is that you’ll know the line when you hear it.)

I enjoyed this film every bit as much as I did the first one.  Yes, I have very questionable taste, but you, dear reader, aught to have caught on to that by now.

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