Jaws (1975) – Film


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When a shark claims the shore off of Amity Island for it’s feeding ground, it’s up to the aqua-phobic sheriff, a marine biologist and  a cantankerous fisherman to stop it.

One of the most iconic horror/thrillers ever made.  There are aspects about this movie that only work for the time it was made.  Beginning with the fact that Great White sharks really don’t behave in the way portrayed in this film.  I think the movie more reflects peoples lack of understanding and fear as well as the need to either deny or act upon that fear.  But I’m not here to make a social commentary, I’m here to tell you that this is one of those rare movies that will continue through the years to succeed in thrilling future generations of audiences.

There is great dynamic among the cast (even the documented adversity between Dreyfuss and Shaw only adds to the film), character development, strong performances throughout, a beautiful setting, excellent photography, and a soundtrack that is still memorable and causes chills nearly 40 years later.

This is not an action film, though there are understated action scenes.  It is a solid thriller, with enough startling moments, blood and gore to slide into horror.

I gave this 5 glasses of wine.

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