Twixt (2011) – Film


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Hall Baltimore, a novelist, goes to a book signing in a small town and finds himself drawn into a murder mystery by the local sheriff.  That night, he dreams of a beautiful young girl.  Every night, the dreams progress, each step closer to solving the murder, and closer to finding the end of his new book.

Nice to see Val Kilmer has still got it.  Immediately I was drawn into the story.  Visually, it was a very pretty film, very artful.  In some places almost, but not quite, so much so that the viewer would be distracted from the story.  The characters were interesting, the talent of Kilmer, as the has-been author struggling both professionally and personally;  and Bruce Dern, as the maniacal town sheriff trying to convince Hall to write a book with him; prevented the characters from being stereotypical.   Easily Kilmer’s best work since “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”.

The story was one which the viewer needed to pay close attention, else they’d be lost in the convoluted style.  Much of the mystery solving/storytelling took place through Hall’s drink and drug induced dreams which blurred the lines of fantasy, reality, and deeply buried memory.

I gave this film 3 1/2 whiskeys.

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