Boy Eats Girl (2005) – Film

“Boy Eats Girl”

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Nathan has a crush on his friend, Jessica.  When he finally works up the courage and decides to tell her, however, due to a series of unfortunate events, Nathan dies before he can.  His mother, who is a restorer for the local church, finds an old VooDoo tome hidden in a crypt and uses it to  resurrect Nathan.  But something goes wrong and Nathan doesn’t come back quite right and has infected others.  Now they must fight to survive and find a cure. 

This low-budget, indie, Irish zombie flick was so worth watching.  The dialogue, for the most part, is witty.  The core characters work well together to create a believable sense of high school angst.  David Leon, as Nathan, our undead “hero” and Tadhg Murphy, as Diggs, his naive buddy, really stand out for their on target performances.  Pop singer, Samantha Mumba does a decent job with what she is given, which isn’t much.  The supporting cast was pretty much hit or miss, Lalor Roddy, as Fr. Cornelius, was quite stiff and stilted, while Sara James, as Cheryl, was dead on.

The story has it’s good points and it’s lame points (which are glaring).   The soundtrack was fun, there was plenty of gore (for those of us who enjoy that).  Great use of practical effects throughout the film.

I gave this flick 4  Rum & Cokes because I simply loved it!

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