The Big Hit (1998) – Film

“The Big Hit”

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Melvin is a nice guy, who happens to be a hard working assassin.  To pay off his girlfriend’s bills and help out his fiancee’s parents, Melvin agrees to assist his co-worker and fellow assassin, Cisco, with an independent kidnapping job.   When they realize who they’ve kidnapped, Melvin ends up fighting for his life as he becomes the target. 

This is a well done action comedy, combining elements of Japanese anime and American action.  It features a great soundtrack, amusing story lines, tons of laughs and a lot of action.  A clever thing added by writer, Ben Ramsey, was that this is a film about films.  From Jiro Nishi’s misfortune due to making “the biggest movie ever,” to the repeated phone calls from the video store, to Crunch’s recent addiction to adult movies and more (tisk, tisk, mustn’t add spoilers).

A hugely talented cast made what would have otherwise been rather cheesy dialogue (and in some cases  still was) and stereotyped, over-the-top characters into a true comedy.  Mark Wahlberg as Melvin, our likeable, doormat of an anti-hero; Lou Diamond Phillips as Cisco, our short-sighted, maniacal villain; China Chow as Keiko, the  kidnapped goddaughter; Avery Brooks, the ruthless leader; Christina Applegate, the vain, Jewish fiancee; Lainie Kazan and Elliot Gould as her parents; and Bokeem Woodbine and Antonio Sabato, Jr as the co-workers.

I gave this 4 fru fru drinks.  This movie succeeds in entertaining.


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