R.I.P.D. (2013) – Film


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A slightly tarnished, Boston police officer gets a surprise after he is killed.  Due to some poor life choices, he is recruited into the Rest In Peace Department, to serve 100 years saving the world from Deados.  

This film adaptation of a Dark Horse comic has it’s high points and it’s “meh” points.  Jeff Bridges is a scene stealing, brilliant talent, as Roy Pulsipher, the Wild West law man, definitely a high point.   Ryan Reynolds, as Nick Walker, the modern day, recently deceased cop who partners up with Roy, didn’t really leave any impression.  Kevin Bacon, as Bobby Hayes, the partner who betrays Nick, does what Kevin Bacon does best.  Some of my favorite parts were the few scenes with James Hong, as Nick’s Avatar, the world’s view of what Ryan Reynolds character looks like when he returns after his death.   Where Bridges’ played up his avatar to the point that it was amusingly natural, Hong, as Nick’s Avatar, was the more memorable presence.

The story itself was a fun and interesting concept.  A paranormal twist on the “buddy-cop” flick.  Unfortunately, it followed the predictable formula that is typical of what comes from Hollywood recently, but also,  it didn’t feel very well executed.   From the writers of Aeon Flux, Clash of the Titans and The Tuxedo, I wanted more depth of character.  The story didn’t manage to get me fully invested in the characters, except Roy.  The CGI was nearly cartoonish, which took me out of the movie.   Even realizing that the intention was to appeal to a younger audience, I think the CGI could have been less distracting.  The dialogue wasn’t bad and the cast/character chemistry was driven largely by Jeff Bridges and his interaction with Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker, Kevin Bacon and the rest.   There were some laugh out loud moments and this film did succeed in entertaining, in a grab some popcorn, disengage your brain kind of way.

I’m giving this 3 sodas.  One just for Jeff Bridges and James Hong, because if it weren’t for them, the fim would have just been “meh”.

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